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Bad Manner(oth) (Bad Mannoroth) – Solo WoW Achievement in Hellfire Citadel

Bad Manner(oth) Bad Mannoroth - Solo WoW Achievement in Hellfire Citadel

The achievement Bad Manner(oth) in Hellfire Citadel is simple to get. You must defeat Mannoroth only after a Doom Lord is killed by Mannoroth’s ability Empowered Felseeker, which he only does once he himself is below 30% HP. Here are a few things that will make it much easier!

First, I chose to do this achievement on normal difficulty mode because the knockbacks Mannoroth do seem much less brutal. For instance, this achievement Bad Manner(oth) can be quite difficult on mythic mode because you can easily be knocked off the platform even at a high level.

Second, I did this achievement with no gear on because I did not want to accidentally 1-shot Mannoroth. When you get into the fight and have to bring Mannoroth down to 30% HP, I simply punched him until he became empowered at 30%.

Watch the YouTube video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFc2thzmb6A.

To get Bad Manner(oth), Start the fight on normal difficulty and kill the 3 adds on the platform. At this time Mannoroth will spawn and put your back into one of the crystals on the edge of the platform. a Doom Lord will spawn, and you need to just let him live. Punch Mannoroth down to 30% at which point he will do some emotes and become empowered.

Be careful as the crystal you were standing with back against will get destroyed at which point put the majority of the platform behind you so when you get knocked back you have room to not get knocked off the edge.

Eventually Mannoroth will cast Empowered Felseeker and the Doom Lord will start taking damage from it, in my experience once the Doom Lord got hit he was killed by the ability in one Empowered Felseeker.

If you track the achievement from your achievements tab on your quest window, you will see the text is red. Once the Doom Lord dies to Empowered Felseeker the text on your quest tracker will turn white confirming you have met the requirement to complete Bad Manner(oth). At this point just kill Mannoroth and boom! There’s your achievement!

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