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Cavern Clawbbering – Achievement Guide in Zaralek Cavern

clacking claw for Cavern Clawbbering

In order to get Cavern Clawbbering you have to complete all of the following special encounters in Zaralek Cavern while under the effect of a Clacking Claw.

Acquire the “Clacking Claw” item, which allows you to transform. This item drops off the rare creature called Klakatak in Zaralek Cavern. You can purchase additional Clacking Claws from the Auction House if needed.

I chose to do this achievement over the course of a few days on two different characters. I would go to Zaralek Cavern, find two rares I needed for the achievement, then start a rare group and go kill those two rares first.

NOTE: I only use the Clacking Claw within the last 15% of the first rare’s health, that way you can save time on the Clacking Claw’s buff uptime.

clacking claw for Cavern Clawbbering

On average I was able to get 2-3 rares down within one Clacking Claw buff for the WoW achievement Cavern Clawbbering. After my buff wore off I would get on my second character and rinse and repeat going rares I still needed for the achievement, and then building a rare group(even having like 5 players makes it so much faster to kill the rares in Zaralek Cavern as they usually have around sixteen million HP.

I did Clacking Claw casually and the result was it only took about 20-30 minutes a day for a few days and I was able to complete the achievement, Cavern Clawbbering.

Thanks to Tolkarkiller on Wowhead for sharing this graph of the rares required.

AlcanonAlcanon toils to protect the deep secrets of the cavern.Cave entrance at the base of the waterfall, at 56.89, 73.11
AquifonAquifon stirs the waters in the cascades.Small rocky bank at 48.38, 75.09
Brullo the StrongThe strong are gathering in Glimmerogg to test their mettle.In the arena at 41.51, 86.06
ColossianColossian defends its ancient post.Centre of the platform at 48.30, 23.79
DinnThe drone of ancient drums echoes throughout the cavern.Next to the drum located at 28.54, 51.08
EmberduskEmberdusk’s plumage burns with dark flames.Upper platform at 32.10, 51.55
FlowfyA pair of terrifying howls pierce the air.Cave entrance at 35.86, 43.86
General ZskorroBarked orders can be heard from within the Brimstone Garrison.Building entrance at 42.55, 18.87
GoopalGoopal blends its shell in with the environment.Crystal area, small enclave at 68.75, 45.88
InvoqA champion emerges on the ancient battlefield.Area enclosed by weapons at 45.83, 33.41
KaprakuKaprachu roars after making a fresh kill.In the lake at 60.11, 39.26
KaroktaA flash of teeth and wings darts across the cavern ceiling.Open area at 42.17, 65.53
KlakatakThe snapping of great claws can be heard from the waters.In the waters at 53.72, 41.14
Kob’rokKob’rok hisses and slithers under the earth.Inside the cave at 64.71, 55.46
MagtemboThe great war beast bathes in the burning fires.Open area at 41.62, 38.03
Professor GastrinaxManiacal laughter and explosions can be heard echoing in the cavern.Laboratory entrance at 52.87, 18.86
Spawns at the back of the lab, directly opposite the entrance
SkornakYou feel the temperature within the cavern rise significantly.Inside the lava before the pillars at 36.40 52.75
SpinmarrowSpinmarrow watches its prey with its many eyes.Cave entrance at 54.75, 65.90
Spawns at top level at the back of the cave, but starts combat on the bottom level
SubterraxThe earth trembles in the caldera.The platform located at 38.41, 46.53
Underlight QueenAn eerie yet soothing light flickers in the darkness from underneath large wings.Open area at 58.00, 69.21
Viridian KingThe crystalline structures begin to stir.Crystal fields at 38.97, 71.41

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